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Barbecue Tips

BBQ Smoked Wings

May is National Barbecue Month, and it’s the perfect opportunity to get out of your Tucson, AZ apartment and enjoy the beautiful sunshine while chowing down on some delicious food of your own making! In this week’s One West Broadway Blog, we’ve got a few tips for you on how you can better host a barbecue during National Barbecue Month.

Main Dishes

When considering a barbecue, you have to consider the main dish or dishes you’re going to be cooking up for your guests. There are plenty of dishes to choose from, like ribs, chicken, steak, or even burgers. When picking your main dish, think about the people that will be coming to your event and choose a dish that they would all like. Be sure to make enough for everyone!

Side Dishes

Finding the right side dishes gets easier when you’ve picked a main dish. There are plenty of side dish pairings, so you’ll just have to find the one you want to serve! If you’re feeling overwhelmed with providing all the food for your guests, you can invite them to bring a side dish to share so you can have that burden lifted from your shoulders. If you are inviting them to do so, let them know which main dish you’re making!


Round out your meal with some drinks. Since it gets hot here in Arizona, you’ll want a cooler filled with ice and various drinks! Sodas, juice, and water are all perfect choices for drinks, so purchase a large number of drinks and keep them cool. Drinks are also something you could invite your friends to bring in order to save yourself a few dollars!

Do you have any barbecue tips you’d like to share with our community? Leave us a comment and let us know of your tips! Thanks for reading!