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Prepare for the December Holidays

three people in a room decorated for the holidays enjoying each other's company and eating popcorn
Once Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to start preparing yourself for another holiday. The December holidays are arguably the biggest holiday of the year, so preparing for it can help you have a more enjoyable time. In this week’s One West Broadway Blog, we’ve got a few tips for you on how you can prepare for the December holidays!

Watch Movies

One way to immerse yourself in the mood of the holiday season is by watching some movies. There are plenty of movies for you to choose from, but we suggest watching some like The Santa Clause, Home Alone, or Elf. Whether you choose to watch these movies by yourself or with family and friends, you can enjoy a dose of festive fun.

Listen to Music

Whether you like it or not, grocery and department stores are going to start playing holiday music. Instead of trying to avoid it, we suggest getting ahead of it and finding a playlist of songs that you don’t mind listening to! Steer clear of the commonly played songs, unless you’re okay with hearing them everywhere, and enjoy the cheerful melodies! Enjoy songs like Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow, Baby Please Come Home, or Cold December Night.

Early Shopping

Beat the rush of the holiday shoppers by going early! Make a list of items you wish to purchase for your close family and friends. You can take advantage of Black Friday deals to secure these gifts! Going early enough allows you to find the best deals without having to push through crowds and fight for what’s left on the shelf. Early shopping also lets you take your time in finding the perfect gift.

Do you have any ways that you prepare for the December holidays? Let our Tucson, AZ apartment community know by leaving us a comment.