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Spring Cleaning Tips

a man dusting off a television

Spring is here, which means it’s time to get cleaning! Oddly enough, even though it doesn’t get very cold here in Tucson, AZ, we still follow the conventions related to the seasons. Your home can get cluttered easily through the winter months, which is why it’s important to take the time and give your home a once over cleaning! In this week’s One West Broadway Blog, we’ve got a few tips for you on how you can get your home clean for the spring and summer!


Even though you may enjoy a nice clean home, you may still accumulate clutter in your apartment. Clutter can take many forms, from clothes you haven’t worn for years to unused appliances collecting dust on the shelves in your kitchen. We suggest going through your home and placing those unused items into a basket or a bag and set them aside to be donated or thrown away. If it comes down to items that are still usable, we recommend donating them to a local shelter or thrift store so they can be given new life with someone else!

Move Your Furniture

When cleaning, it’s normal to clean the spots you can see and neglect the hard to reach places. Ensure that your home gets the cleaning it deserves by cleaning the hard to reach places, which you can get to by moving your furniture! You’ll be surprised how much cleaning you’ll need to do and how many things you’ve lost to the depths of your furniture. After you’ve moved your furniture, you can consider changing how your home is arranged, which would give your apartment new life!

Organizational Systems

Keeping your apartment clean and organized is difficult, but if you find an organizational system that works for you, it gets easier! It takes a concerted effort to keep your apartment spic and span, so don’t give up if it gets a little tedious or difficult. Once it becomes habitual, you’ll be able to maintain your home just the way you like it.