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spa room with towels, flowers, and tea light candles

When you’re working or going to school full-time, life can get pretty hectic and, subsequently, the stress can pile on. In order to keep yourself sane and reduce the chance of a breakdown, we suggest taking a vacation! Vacations can be expensive, which is why we’re sharing information about a vacation alternative: a staycation. What is a staycation, anyhow? It’s a vacation where you don’t leave your own town. 


If you’ve ever traveled before, you’re probably well aware of how expensive travel can get, especially when you’ve got all your expenses to consider. If you’re traveling out of the country, the plane tickets are bound to be expensive, which makes the additional expense of housing accommodations can set you back even more! Because you’ll be saving some money on air fare on your staycation, you can allocate those funds toward getting a nicer hotel to stay in! Spring for the ones with the nicer beds and room amenities. Or, sleep at home and splurge on a fancy restaurant or entertainment venue you wouldn’t normally attend. 


How much of your local area have you explored? There are many ways to be an expert on the area you live in, but our favorite way to gain expertise is by knowing the best places to eat! You probably have your favorite spots here in Tucson, AZ, but we encourage you to branch out and try restaurants you’ve never been to! 


Treat yourself to some rest and relaxation by going to the spa! Depending on your preferences, you can get a facial, manicure/pedicure, or even a massage. Because it’s your staycation, you should focus on de-stressing by taking a break from your everyday life, so find a spa that’s in your price range and get relaxed!  


Do you have any staycationing tips for our One West Broadway apartment community? Leave us a comment and let us know of them!