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Swimming Pool Tips

a red-and-white life preserver floating in a sparkling swimming pool

While summer may be drawing to a close, there is still plenty of time to take advantage of the warmer weather here in Tucson, AZ! Swimming is a great way to cool down on hot summer days, so we’re sharing some tips that can help you have a safer, more enjoyable days at the pool in this week’s One West Broadway Blog. We hope you use these tips to make the last moments of your summer more enjoyable and fun!

Be Mindful of Others 

Horsing around may be fun, but there are plenty of ways it can hurt or bother someone else, especially in a crowded pool. Remember that you may be sharing the pool with other people, so keep the splashing to a minimum if you’re close to someone and practice having fun without getting into a stranger’s personal space. Doing so will help you avoid unwanted accidents and unnecessary injury.

Don’t Swim Alone

Accidents can happen with even the most experienced swimmers, so make sure you’re swimming with a friend — not only in case they need to help you in case of an emergency, but so you can have someone to share in the fun with. If you happen to be swimming with children, ensure that you’re present with them and remain aware of where they are at all times. Encourage them to follow swimming safety rules.

Take Breaks

Whether it’s a bathroom break or a water break, taking a moment to get out of the pool and relax avoids accidents and encourages people to stay calm and keep themselves from getting a cramp or other injuries. Remember to remind any children you’re with to take breaks, as they can get caught up in the fun. 


Do you have any swimming pool tips you’d like to share with our apartment community? Leave us a comment!