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Thanksgiving Meal Tips

a table all set for Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, stuffing, champagne, and vegetables
Thanksgiving is at the end of November, and it can be a stressful time if you’re the one hosting friends and family for a meal. To help you avoid the stress of hosting a meal, we’ve decided to share with you some tips in this week’s One West Broadway Blog. As you follow these tips, you’ll have an easier time during your food preparation and it will save you some stress.

Food Preparation

Though Thanksgiving is a day of feasting on delicious food, many people forget that there is a lot of preparation that goes into it. Save yourself some time and trouble on the day of Thanksgiving by preparing the night before. Cut up your vegetables and other ingredients so you can have easy access to them when you’re putting everything together. You can also make the gravy the night before and freeze it. Doing these small things can save you some time and worry in getting everything done.    

Make It a Potluck

If you are worried about being able to feed everyone, you can invite your guests to bring a simple side dish as their contribution. Not only will this save you some stress, it lets your guests be a part of the festivities and diversifies your meal options. To ensure that your guests are bringing different dishes, keep organized with a shared Google Sheet. Your guests will be able to open up the sheet and sign up for what they intend on bringing and avoid bringing something someone has already signed up to bring.  

Set a Budget

Feeding a large group of people can be expensive, so we recommend setting a budget in order to make sure you’re not breaking the bank. Start your Thanksgiving shopping early so you can gather all your necessary ingredients before everyone else. This way, you can look for deals along the way.

Do you have any Thanksgiving tips? Let our Tucson, AZ apartment community know by leaving us a comment!